One of the best ways to be a great networker is to be confident. Trust takes many forms, including professionalism, a strong brand, consistency, and a genuine desire to build relationships. But to become more confident, it’s important to get rid of the anxiety that sometimes accompanies networking.

Listed below are three helpful tips to reduce anxiety and be more confident at your next event.

To be prepared

Don’t leave your network unlucky. Take the necessary time to prepare your events. Preparation may involve practicing your elevator pitch, writing up some conversation questions, or staying up to date on current or industry events. Anticipate the people you expect to meet and plan accordingly.

Have a network mindset

If you feel too intimidated to attend events alone, reach out to people in your networks. Invite your friends, coworkers or colleagues as guests. Ask to attend the events you will be attending. Communicate with the organizer or host of the association through social media and establish connections prior to networking. Use this as an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and be more sociable and attractive. Taking the first step and initiating a connection is definitely a sign of trust.

be focused

Before the event, write down some goals that you hope to achieve by going to the event. How many people do you plan to meet and build relationships with? How can you return or pay forward? How do you want to promote your brand, product, service or initiative? How can you learn from others and share resources or information?

Use these practical tips and methods to reduce anxiety and focus on productive networking. Being able to be prepared, build your networks, and focus on your goal leads to career and career success.