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4 powerful tips to become a better soccer (soccer) goalkeeper

This article looks at four (4) things you “must be” if you want to become a better soccer goalkeeper. Remember that simply reading this article will not make you a better goalkeeper. If you want to improve at something, it takes dedication and hard work; So do yourself a favor and put this tip into practice.

1) being crazy

Yes, you heard correctly. If you want to be a soccer goalkeeper, you will have to be on the edge of madness. Think about it. Do you really want balls shot at 100 miles per hour every time you step on the football field? I do not mean to dissuade you from becoming a soccer goalkeeper. Simply letting you know what to expect.

2) Be vocal

Communication is one of the most important skills of the soccer goalkeeper. Because the goalkeeper can see the entire field, it is important that he communicate with his entire team. Organize your team from back to front; you are the commander of your troops. Being shy and shy won’t get you anywhere as a goalkeeper. Be a charlatan (at least in the field).

3) be dominant

You need to terrorize the opposition from entering your 18-yard box. Own your goal area. Every ball that goes into your box and could be potentially dangerous is yours. Either come and retain possession of the ball or hit it away from your goal.

4) Be brave

If you want to be a dominant goalkeeper, you will also have to be brave. Do what you do; throwing himself at the feet of a defender or hitting the ball through a group of players. Do it bravely, if you are shy and hesitant, you will soon find the ball at the bottom of your net. Go out with the intention of winning the ball and keep it out of your goal. Be great! It’s scary! Be brave!

Apply these concepts to your game with constant practice and you will soon become a better soccer goalkeeper.

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