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7 qualities of a good friend: finding supportive friends

These qualities of a good friend can alert you to people who will encourage your dreams, try to avoid a fall, and be there when you really need them.


1. Willing to tell you the truth

You want a friend who is willing to tell you the truth because their opinion can save you from a lot of trouble. You don’t always have to follow a friend’s advice or see things the way they see them.

But, if they sincerely feel that you could be better off with a tip, you’ll want them to at least take the initiative to offer it.

Some of us have friends who let us crash and burn only to later claim that they saw it all about to happen. And, for some of them, we understand that the reason was simply the fear of offending ourselves. A good friend who is afraid of hurting your feelings may need a little encouragement.

You can always share with them that it is okay to express thoughts that they think could save you from an inevitable burn in life.

2. Consider your feelings

A good friend looks for ways to cheer you up. So, of course, one of the qualities of a good friend is their willingness to say things that lift you up and make you feel good.

3. Says nice things about other friends

What someone says about other “friends”, they could easily say about you. A friend who is kind to everyone he considers a friend they are more likely to treat you well too.

4. Aims at self-improvement

A person who aims to take the high moral path in his life will care about how the people in his life are treated, from which you can benefit.

5. Are there difficult times?

Having someone there to stabilize you when you are at your weakest is a blessing. This is one of the essential qualities of a good friend.

6. Encourage your dreams

A good friend sees you as a potential success. That doesn’t mean they can’t give you a reality check when it comes to your responsibilities and current talent level. But it does mean that they think the best things are possible for you and would love for you to see yourself this way too.

7. It leads you to take the high moral path.

A good friend does not sit by when you are making a mistake that can cause great pain, nor does he encourage you. A good friend gives you advice that saves you from the worst mistakes and prefers not to stay to see you take the first step towards a fall.

When looking for friends, you want to look for the qualities of a good friend, not just the qualities that entertain. These are qualities of a good friend that can save you from yourself, lead you to be better, and move you forward in life.

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