The Born James is the new star in the crowded NBA sky. During the last season he proved to be the strongest player of the moment (if Mr. Black Mamba Kobe Bryant allows it). He has been named MVP of the regular season, but had to surrender to the Orlando Magic during the Eastern Conference finals. King James, that’s what he likes to be called, has always been a phenomenon. As a teenager in high school, Ohio, he was elected Mr. Basketball three years in a row.

Like many other players, the King of the NBA also has his body almost completely covered in tattoos.

His first tattoo, which he got while still attending high school, is a crowned lion’s head on his right arm. After being crowned King of Basketball, Lebron added a bit more ink to it – now King (above the lion’s head) and James (below) can be read on his arm with the lion obviously representing himself.

Just about this lion tattoo, another, more recent, says Gloria and is dedicated to her mother.

On his left arm there are two other tattoos: the first, on the shoulder, says “Beast” surrounded by small tattoos of stars, while the second says “Hold mine.” Another quite large tattoo is dedicated to his son. It is a fairly recent tattoo and is a realistic portrait of your one year old son. His second son managed to immortalize Bryce Maximus with a tattoo on his left forearm.

2006 was a good year for Lebron Tattoos; he had a large one on his leg that said “Witness” and a large 330 on his right forearm, which should be the area code for his hometown, Akron.

On the inside of his right arm he also had the phrase “No one can see through what I am except the one who made me.”
My favorites among Lebron James tattoos are his initial inked with a nice writing style on his triceps.

A rather impressive tattoo that I have recently noticed in an image is a kind of winged lion tattoo on Lebron’s chest.
Probably the most recent of his tattoos is another style of lettered handwriting of the word “Family.”

But the most popular and amazing of King James tattoos is the one on his back: a huge tattoo that says “Chosen1”. The idea for such a fabulous tattoo came from the cover of Sport Illustrated, which addressed him as the Chosen One, as he was still in high school.