Other than replacing your loose cabinet handle or knob, there really are no other solutions related to how to fix loose hardware. If you decide to use super glue, you should use a very small bead and screw in quickly. Be sure to protect the countertop or floor under the area where you are attaching the loose knob of the kitchen or bathroom vanity cabinet.

Why don’t you tighten the handle on my cabinet?

1) If the screw is tight and still not positioned correctly, the screw may be too long.

2) Your cabinet installer may have used a metric screw instead of a standard US thread. This would cause the fastener to get stuck in the insert of the knob or handle.

3) A common occurrence in brass is that the internal threads are removed.

4) Plastic handles and knobs tend to crack sometimes. They will also come off easier than brass hardware.

5) Wood hardware may be cracked or peeling.

6) Sometimes the hardware is attached to the face of the decorative drawer before it is attached to the actual drawer. Over time, the screw becomes loose. Because it is sandwiched between the drawer and the decorative front, it cannot be easily squeezed.

Possible Solutions for Attaching Loose Cabinet Door Pulls and Knobs

1) If the metal is removed, a small bead of super glue will block things. DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING ON THE CABINET DOOR. You know you will also have to work fast!

2) Toothpicks combined with wood glue work great for fixing wooden, plastic or nylon knobs where the hole is removed.

3) Try a different type tapping screw. Metric and standard screws are available from a local cabinet supply company.

4) If the knob was attached to the face of the drawer before mounting it to the cabinet drawer, remove the front and tighten the screws. Then replace the decorative face of the drawer.

If you need to tighten the loose handle on your kitchen, bathroom vanity, or office cabinet, or maybe a loose knob, I know how. There are solutions for various situations. Repairing a screw that is loose just by tightening it with a Phillip screwdriver would be too easy. Read on If that’s all you need, then you wouldn’t be searching the internet for an answer on how to repair your door hardware. There is a solution to your problems.