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Christmas gift ideas for two year olds

Do you feel like you’re falling short when it comes to Christmas gift ideas for the two-year-old in your life? Here are some tried and true classics that are always a guaranteed hit with this age group:

Toy Vacuum: Imitation is a big part of their lives at this age as they learn by watching the people around them. A toy vacuum cleaner has long been a hit with playtime for young children. There are many great toy vacuum cleaners to choose from, many of which have realistic looks and features. A couple worth checking out are the Dirt Devil Junior 2-in-1 Vac and the Miele Toy Vac.

Toy Shopping Cart: Whether you’re pushing your favorite stuffed animal friend or doll around the house or taking them to the actual store to help mom or dad shop for groceries, a toy shopping cart is sure to have much use. Melissa and Doug make a metal version that looks just like the real thing, while Step 2 and Little Tikes have sturdy plastic versions that are also worth considering.

Play Kitchen: Using your imagination is very important at this age. A play kitchen is a great way to encourage endless hours of this. For an heirloom that looks more like an heirloom that could easily become a family keepsake, consider purchasing one of the fancy wooden play kitchens now offered by many toy manufacturers. They have a more timeless look!

Play Food: Whether you buy her a play kitchen or not, the toy food can stand alone for fun! There are many great play food games to choose from. From the wooden play food sets offered by toy manufacturers like Haba, Plan Toy, and Melissa and Doug to the many homemade felt play food sets you can buy on sites like and eBay, there are plenty of great food to encourage them to serve you endless pretend meals. If you sew, you can even try making some felt to play with yourself!

Dolls: You probably already have several, but at this age, there is always enough room in your heart and life to love another! If you are not familiar with the Baby Stella doll, you should familiarize yourself. Baby Stella is a hit with little girls. Her soft cloth face also makes her a good bedtime companion. Baby Stella has lots of fun clothes and accessories you can buy to go with her, which could lead to future gift ideas in the future!

So when it comes to choosing gifts for the little two-year-old in your life, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and stick to the tried-and-true classics. In my opinion, any gift that encourages her to use her imagination is a guaranteed winner every time!

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