We all know that doors are functional things: they provide a mobile barrier between one room and another, or between the inside and outside of our home, office or store. Not only that, they provide privacy when closed and freedom of movement when open. The door can be wood, paneled in glass, made of a composite or uPVC material, and of course you can choose to paint it, stain it, color it in some way, or just leave it plain. In most cases, another thing that the doors have in common is the presence of a handle.

Depending on where the door is and what it is for, you may only need to have a simple and fairly basic handle style that allows for the operation of the latch that allows the door to open, such as on a front or rear door (the lock is also located inside the handle plate). With that said, there is still a chance to liven up the door a bit here! You can choose a finish that adds a bit of shine to the door, like polished chrome or polished stainless steel, or you can decide that as a switch to a backplate style handle, you prefer a rosette handle and pair it with a escutcheon. around the keyhole. You can even go one step further and revolutionize your front door entry by using a keyless digital door handle, creating what is known as an access control system.

Once inside your home, office, store, or maybe it’s a hotel or restaurant … chances are there are more doors that need to have a handle. Here again you have a selection of handles: rosette handles, backplate handles, or if you want something that looks quite different, you can choose a door handle with a hidden rose. These days there are a wide variety of designs, styles and finishes to choose from and as such you can make a real statement on your doors with some well thought out outdoor furniture.

If it’s a bathroom or shower door, you don’t need to forget them either! Privacy Turns & Releases has had something of a design overhaul and is no longer limited to the functional and sometimes unappealing devices found in the cubicles of a highway service station. If you have a handle style in mind that has a square rosette, you can pair it with a privacy twist and release that also has a square design. If you prefer to have it ‘all in one’ with a backplate handle, there are now many more styles beyond the traditional Victorian roll or Georgian design (these fit well in period homes of course!)

Similarly, you may have a door that also has a keyhole to consider, and again there is plenty of scope to make this a feature using keyhole shields paired with handles in pink, or backplate door handles. modern and elegant where everything is once again all in one. . If you no longer need the keyhole, you can cover it with a blank escutcheon or choose a handle on a blank backplate that will hide the hole in the door, without any hassle.

Once upon a time there were door handles finished largely in brass or aluminum, and there weren’t many options on the design front either. Today we have ranges that combine chrome with leather, brass with ceramic, satin / brushed stainless steel with polished stainless steel, not forgetting handles with glass or polished nickel handles, to name just a few.

So, renovate your home and let your style and personality shine on your doors too. Be brave, bold and dare to be different!