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Ex-boyfriend won’t call you back or answer your phone calls? Here’s why and how to fix it

If your ex boyfriend is no longer calling you back or answering your phone calls, it can be extremely frustrating. You still love him and want to get back together, but how is that going to happen if he doesn’t talk to you anymore? Here’s why he’s not talking to you and the first step you should take if you want to get him back forever.

It can be difficult to deal with a breakup, and if you want your ex to come back, it can be even more difficult to let things go. You still want to talk to him every day, and even if they’re just friends, it’s better than losing him completely. So you call or text him all the time. And at first, he texted you back. Or at least he answered sometimes when you called. But now he won’t call you back. And he no longer answers the phone. And aside from the occasional one-word reply, he’s no longer texting you. So how the hell are you supposed to get him back if he doesn’t speak to you anymore?

The problem is that you have become that girl. You know, the one he’s talking about with his friends. Now he’s trying to avoid you. You two are separated and now you have become the ex-girlfriend who will not leave him alone. And at first I might have felt sorry for you. But now, he just wants you to stop calling him. So he will show you that he is no longer your boyfriend and that he does not have to answer you. This is how it is when there is a break in the power struggle.

If your ex boyfriend is no longer answering your calls, it does not mean that he hates you or that he will never want to get back together. It just means that you have now activated your control problems. He will show you that he is in control. And he will do it by not answering you anymore.

How to reverse the post-breakup power struggle? How do you get your ex boyfriend to want to talk to you again? Start by leaving him completely alone. No more calls, texts, Facebook messages, and no more talking to your friends. Just leave it alone. It’s called the no-contact rule and it puts you back on equal footing. It gives you back control. It shows him that you don’t need to talk to him every day to be happy.

What happens when you use the no contact rule? It may take a few days, but eventually your ex will realize that you are not talking to him. And look, even though he thought he wanted to get away from you, a part of him liked the attention. So it will drive him crazy that he no longer understands it. You will want to know why. And eventually curiosity will get the better of him. And then guess what happens? He will call or text you!

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