Advertising is the key to selling outdated equipment. Given the enormous popularity of online classified advertising, it makes sense to take advantage of this medium to sell your recreational vehicle (RV). Classified ads not only connect you with a huge audience, but also allow you to market your platform for free. So, if you’ve decided to say goodbye to your old RV, sell it through classified ads. Wondering how to get going? Well, here are some easy tips:

1. Big Title:

An effective headline equals an impressive first impression. Create a perfect ad headline by including key information like make, model, year of manufacture, length, and years on your odometer. A good example is:

2002 Holiday Rambler EndeavourClass A – Dsl Pusher 40′ – 2 Slide – 70K miles

2. Minute account:

Space shrinkage is not an issue when you’re writing online classifieds, so make the most of the description field. In fact, being a little boastful helps. Highlight all the aspects that you think potential buyers will find interesting, such as high-end appliances, large storage, solar panels, generator, etc. Don’t miss out on basic things like sleeping and water storage capacity etc. Avoid CAPITAL LETTERS; People don’t like to be yelled at. Don’t abbreviate; prospects want them crystal clear. Use the correct format to make it easier for buyers to read your ad.

3. Pictorial description:

Pictures say more than words. Attractive images can compel potential customers to pick up the phone and call you right away, while low-quality, low-resolution images can ruin your chances of closing a winning deal. If you can’t tell an exciting story through eye-catching images, make sure your gear won’t be sold forever. So take multiple photos of your deck to show every nook and cranny of your deck. Better yet, add a short video to give your prospects a virtual tour of your home on wheels.

4. Honesty is the best policy:

Disclose everything: maintenance or lack thereof, your reasons for selling, and problems the new owners might need to fix.

5. Price and payment:

Set a price, since an ad without one is useless. However, don’t quote an amount that makes the equipment seem too expensive, as buyers will turn away if your price isn’t competitive. Mention if you are open to negotiations. Also, let people know which form of payment you will and will not accept. For example, let them know ahead of time if you are not willing to accept personal checks or foreign money orders. Mention if you are open to brokers stepping in as they often end up managing your ad excellently which helps get you a good price.

Well now you know how to use the power of words and images to create great classified ads. If you’re in a hurry to get rid of your used RV, sell it through online classifieds, as they can connect you with as many qualified buyers as possible.