Urban real estate can be difficult to develop without a lot of financial capital. Anyone with an empty lot, however, can use any of these techniques to improve the neighborhood and make use of the property.

Urban gardening

Urban gardening is becoming more and more popular and the amount of vegetables that can be produced in a single batch is impressive. With some raised beds, it’s easy to grow greens like lettuce and arugula, in addition to larger tomatoes and greens. A single batch can provide produce for your family and friends, or it can be used as valuable community gardening grounds. Let the people of the neighborhood plant and maintain individual plots, and everyone will have a chance to improve the diet at home.

Small house construction

Another popular move in America is the shift toward smaller living spaces. A small house can be built on a trailer chassis and provide more than enough space for one or two adults. Zoning laws can be a complicating factor in many cities, and some areas can prevent people from living in a small house on wheels. Even if the small house cannot be your legal residence, you can still use the space to build two or three houses and display them for sale. Buyers can move the homes to a trailer park or suburb with less stringent zoning laws before living inside. Unlike more conventional home construction, building a tiny home does not require the same range of certifications and permits.

Petting zoo

Visiting a petting zoo is the highlight for many children, and one of the biggest perks of being an adult is doing whatever you want. Adults who remember loving petting zoos as kids should consider starting something similar themselves. Goats produce a fair amount of milk and meat, but there are often regulations against raising livestock within city limits. A collection of pets, on the other hand, is different from livestock because they are not raised for food. A petting zoo can teach neighborhood kids about different kinds of animals that they wouldn’t normally see in town.

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A BYOB party is a common way to limit the expense of hosting a gathering. A simple variation on that idea would be to have a place where people from the neighborhood could meet and socialize. Bars and other businesses can be expensive, but many people are happy to bring their own drinks to a park or other public space. Of course, there are many complicated liability issues associated with this type of project. Owners of a particular real estate often bear some liability for accidents that occur there.