The 2008 season may not have given the Green Bay Packers a Super Bowl ticket, but the team played with class and spirit throughout the season. There was no lack of fan support in evidence, because after the opening game any available Green Bay Packers tickets were nearly impossible to find. The team has had some compensating moments lately for quarterback woes, but managed to smooth enough to at least appear cohesive to casual observers. This year there doesn’t seem to be the same kind of unsettling undercurrents to worry about so the team can get down to business putting together a winning lineup.

A look to the past

This professional soccer group had humble beginnings dating back to August 11, 1919. It was then that a small group of young people gathered in a dusty little room inside the Green Bay-Press Gazette building and decided to team up to play. the sport of soccer. One of the men arranged for his employer to pay for the shirts, and the company arranged for the team to use the company field for internships. The name of this long-standing company was the Indian Packing Company, prompting the team to adopt the name “Packers.” After the first two very successful years, the team attracted the interest of some private sponsors within the company. In 1921, the National Soccer League organization granted the Packers a franchise. During these early years, the team had numerous financial setbacks as they tried to shore up support with the sale of Green Bay Packers tickets. In the 1930s, there were still loyal fans, but the money for sporting events was more than most people had.

Hall of Fame memorabilia

Fans are proud of the titles won by their Packers, but they are just as proud of the 21 Pro Football Hall of Famers who hail from the Green Bay ranks. Only the Chicago Bears can claim more players who have been selected for this honor. Some of the best names of players and coaches in the Green Bay Packers organization include coach Vincent Lombardi, Bart Starr, Willie Davis and Ray Nitschke. Another standout for the team of more recent times has been their former quarterback, Brett Favre.

Highlights of Green Bay Packer

With a dozen championships under their belt, the Green Bay Packers team leads the league in titles. 3 of their championships were obtained between 1929 and 1931. The Packers then added 9 additional titles during the following years, when the NFL playoffs were enacted. Green Bay has not only been the only professional soccer team to win 3 titles in 3 years, but they accomplished this feat twice, most recently in 1965-1966 and 1967.

The Packers have 3 Super Bowl championships on their team record books. They played and won the first 2 Super Bowl games in 1966 and 1967, and then beat New England in 1996 with a score of 35 to 21. The Chicago Bears currently have only 9 titles, the Colts have 4, the New York Giants can claim a total of 7, and Dallas has 5 titles of its own.

Eager and enthusiastic fans

Cheese Heads is the term for Packers supporters, and their enthusiastic loyalty to their team runs deep. The popularity of the soccer club is legendary, and every time they play at home, the entire city takes on a festive and celebratory air. When the stadium gates open for home games, it’s nearly impossible to find available parking space within miles. For nearly 50 years, soccer fans have ensured that Green Bay Packers tickets are always limited. Given the fact that the team has already posted nearly half a century of sold-out season tickets, it’s obvious how dedicated the team’s support really is.

The Packers plan to fire up the defense as they chase the 13th title

The Green Bay Packers hope to put their newly signed free agent, Anthony Smith, to work as quickly as possible. Smith has been with the Pittsburgh team for 3 years and played a pivotal role in their 2008 championship run. Darren Perry, who is now the Green Bay Packers’ new secondary coach, expects Smith to be a key player as the team is shifting from a 4-3 defensive plan to the 3-4 lineup used by Smith’s former team. The next few months will be the time to see how this new strategy plays out, but you can believe that those fans who don’t have Green Bay Packers tickets in hand are going to be planning how to get some.