Of all the problems with traditional granite countertops, one of the most frustrating and common is heat damage. When you’re in the kitchen cooking for family, lovers, or friends and you take a piping hot casserole out of the oven, you don’t want to have to think about wear and tear to leave the platter red hot for too long. The kitchen can be a hectic place and as such requires a durable and reliable countertop as a perfect means of establishing order.

Placing hot pots, plates, coffee makers, or baking sheets directly on top of traditional granite can seriously damage your investment, but if you have a more durable and reliable countertop installed, placing a hot metal or glass item or appliances on top will not. it will be a problem. Instead of spending money every few weeks to repair the damage done to a traditional granite countertop, it would be a much better investment to install a more durable solution in the first place.

The best option would be to secure a countertop liner made from recycled glass, as these counter liners install over the current counter space. Such a streamlined process reduces headaches in the installation period, and since these countertops can be made from durable recycled glass or stone, they have the potential to be completely heat resistant. Simple installation and durability that far exceeds traditional granite make recycled glass countertops the best option for redoing a kitchen countertop.