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Home improvement projects for spring

Spring is here and it’s time to embark on a renovation project. Home prices are down and sustainable property prices are up, the economy is slowing down and you need every angle possible to make your project a success, without going over budget. So make sure you are looking at all angles when undertaking that renovation project; I know I did, and through it, I found a great way to save on kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

The project I started this spring was my kitchen. I wanted new appliances, new counters and cabinets. My floor was in good shape and just needed a good shine, but all other parts needed improvement. Appliances were more expensive than I’d budgeted, so I had little money left for kitchen cabinets and countertops. I found some decent countertops at an affordable price, so my last step was the kitchen cabinets.

Traveling to different outlets left me with little hope of staying within my budget. Fortunately, I got a tip from a helpful clerk at a local building supply store. I was talking to her and complaining about the high cost of assembled cabinets. She mentioned that even though she got a discount at the store, she checked online before buying her kitchen cabinets. She was the do-it-yourself type and found that RTA-style cabinets saved her money and fit better with her DIY plans.

My first question was what was an RTA kitchen cabinet? Ready to Assemble was her response, followed by the explanation that she saved thousands of dollars by going online, buying RTA kitchen cabinets, and assembling the product herself. Of course I was skeptical, but I soon found out that these cabinets were easy to assemble and were actually of better quality than most store bought cabinets. So not only was he saving money, he was getting a better quality product. All I had to do was assemble the cabinets, which I could even have hired someone else to do with the money I was saving. The great thing about them was that everything came in a nice, neat box (I didn’t have to scatter hundreds of pieces like I didn’t with the linen cabinets I bought from Ikea). A screwdriver was needed for most of the cabinets and I used a power drill to attach the drawers. I also noted the better quality cabinet, with the solid wood fronts and paneled wood sides, compared to when I was shopping; I found that most cabinets have particle board sides and wood fronts.

So luckily, I found a way to save money on my spring renovation, and from it, I found another way to save money on my next project. That project is the bathroom and the product is RTA bathroom vanities. Yes, the same quality product, but also in a line of bathroom accessories and vanities. So thanks to a helpful and honest building supply store clerk, I found a great way to save money and get a great product. Before starting your next renovation project, do a little research on RTA cabinets.

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