empty refrigerant cans from a recharge kit

During the summer, it can be miserable to drive your car when its air conditioning isn’t working. Fortunately, most AC problems are easily solved by licensed mechanics. If your air conditioning isn’t delivering cool air, it may be low on refrigerant. Typically, the o-rings and seals in the rubber hoses and metal tubes of the system wear out, which leads to leaks. Recharge kits allow you to add new refrigerant to the system, but they also contain a stop leak compound that can plug up other leaks in the system and cause damage.

car ac recharge kit can clog up the system with contaminants like dirt, dust, and grime which lead to bigger issues with your system. They can also cause you to overfill the system with too much refrigerant, causing your system to not work properly. The packaging of the refrigerant you use should include a chart that shows what pressure to charge your system at depending on the ambient temperature. It is always best to match the pressure of the refrigerant you use with that chart.

Most recharge kits include a stop leak compound which can fill small leaks and make them less noticeable. However, these compounds can interfere with the compressor and hoses in your air conditioner, causing them to break or overheat. They can even create a toxic by-product when they combine with water in the system and form hydrochloric or hydroflouric acid. These acids corrode parts, eat away at metal, and can turn your coolant into a sludge.

How do I dispose of empty refrigerant cans from a recharge kit?

One of the most common mistakes made by those who use a recharge kit is adding too much refrigerant. The gauges on the cans of recharge kit are typically not accurate and are difficult to read, which leads to overfilling your system. The resulting overflow of refrigerant can damage your compressor, which can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

It is important to take your vehicle in for a complete inspection and a professional air conditioning service. Licensed mechanics can visually inspect your cooling system and run a fluorescent dye through the system to find the source of the leak. A mechanic can then repair or replace the broken part to fix the problem and ensure your car’s air conditioning will be able to keep you cool this summer.

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