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How to increase breast size using natural methods

Many women are bothered by the small size of their breasts and therefore look for ways to make them appear larger. Surgery is one of the options available to increase the size of the bust. However, such implants are expensive and carry serious risks. So if you are wondering how to increase breast size, here are some natural methods that might help.


Fat storage differs in men and women. Women store fat around the waist, around the hips and buttocks, thighs, and bust. The breasts automatically increase in size as one gains fat or weight. Therefore, if you want to achieve “right size”, you will need to make minor modifications to your diet. This implies including a higher proportion of foods rich in fat. Fatty foods will increase the chances of gaining weight. Foods such as fenugreek seeds, saw palmetto, and Mexican wild yam contain plant estrogens. They help to grow breast tissue and therefore can be included in your diet.

Caffeine is on the list of foods and drinks to avoid. Caffeine consumed in large amounts impedes growth. Caffeine also speeds up the metabolism of fats in the body.

working out

Exercise is another safe and inexpensive method to enlarge the bust. The exercise does not make the breasts grow in the literal sense, but it does make them appear larger by lifting and firming the pectoral muscles, the muscles of the upper chest. Push-ups work the muscles of the upper chest. Weight training exercises also fall into this category.

Increasing your fat intake may not sound like a very good idea if you are trying to lose weight. Also, it can be difficult if you find it difficult to stick to an exercise routine. How to increase the size of the breasts then?

The answer is breast enhancement supplements and creams. There is a wide variety of creams and lotions on the market. They differ in their strengths and textures. The ingredients in these creams and lotions include phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens increase natural estrogen levels and therefore stimulate the growth of breast tissue. They have minor side effects. The most common is a slight tingling on the skin. This feeling disappears after a few days of use. Gently massage the breasts while applying the cream in circular motions. Circulatory movement improves blood circulation.

There are also breast enhancement pills. One can buy them without a prescription from online stores or local health, food and vitamin stores. Most are available as capsules to take by mouth twice a day. It is recommended that you take these supplements under the supervision of a doctor to be safe and rule out the possibility of side effects. One should avoid long-term use of breast enhancement supplements as it causes major side effects in the long run. You should also use supplements according to the instructions given to achieve the best results. When choosing a supplement, opt for natural or herbal options.

In addition to all the methods mentioned above, many experts suggest ditching your bra. Bras, especially those with underwire, constrict the tissue and don’t allow enough room to grow and expand. Avoid wearing a bra at home and when you sleep.

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