There are some definite costs to starting a foreclosure cleaning business. It is not one that can start without money, and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. But the costs can be mitigated. Here are some concrete suggestions on how to start a “low cost” foreclosure cleaning business.

3 concrete tips on how to clean up foreclosures cheaply

Equipment rental: While having your own equipment is ideal when you own a foreclosure cleaning business, you can rent almost everything you need until you can afford to buy it outright.

For example, a trailer and a garbage container. Most jobs will require them as you will have to clean and remove trash and debris from a property. But this equipment can be rented at a very reasonable price.

Equipment tip: familiarize yourself with costs before you start marketing

To start getting an idea of ​​the costs of things that you will rent frequently (for example, ladders, garden equipment (in warm seasons); tools, etc., visit your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. Costs for your business, you should Get an idea of ​​how much it will cost to rent these things for your foreclosure cleaning business until you can afford them.

Subcontract: Another way to start a cheap foreclosure cleaning business is to outsource everything you can. Clean, you can handle it yourself. But, if there are jobs that you are not equipped to handle because you don’t know how to do it or you don’t have the right tools, outsource for example painting, plumbing, electrical, window repair, etc.

Just incorporate the cost of hiring contractors into your budget.

Online market: One of the biggest costs that most startups face is marketing. Fortunately, a foreclosure cleaning business is one where marketing can be done cheaply. Why? Because your main customer base (for example, real estate agents, bankers, and investors) is online.

And they are easy to find. So use email marketing. It’s free. Add a couple of vehicle signs to this (every foreclosure cleaning business should have vehicle signs) and this is all the marketing you will need to do to get the business flowing initially.

While there are legitimate start-up costs that you can’t avoid when starting a foreclosure cleaning business (eg, insurance, vehicle, phone), everything else can be done “cheaply” until you start generating business.

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