After Moses Malone made the unheard-of leap from high school to the NBA in 1974, many wondered how he could pass up the opportunity to get a free college education. Twenty years later, no one questioned the decision he made in ’74. Twelve-time NBA All Star and 3 MVP, Moses Malone was a superstar at the time when most of the players were rookies just entering the league.

Moses had an amazing feeling of where a basketball would end up after bouncing off the rim. Malone would use that ability to become the most dominant rebounder of his day. The most surprising aspect of this is that, although he once let a college education slip on the basketball court, Malone is now recognized as one of the most knowledgeable game teachers of his generation. He guided the careers of stars so young who were entering the league like Hakeem Olajuwon, Kevin Willis and Shawn Bradley. After Malone finished playing basketball, his skill was kept alive in another generation of stars who eventually passed on the same knowledge when their careers came to an end.

Moses Malone played for:

  • San Antonio spurs
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Washington bullets
  • Houston Rockets
  • Buffalo braves
  • St. Louis Spirits
  • Utah Stars

Some of the highlights of his career were:

  • National Basketball Association 587 offensive rebounds in 1979
  • 1983 NBA basketball champion
  • 3 times NBA MVP
  • 5-time NBA rebounding champion
  • 12-time NBA All-Star pick
  • NBA’s All-Time Free Throw Leader

Interesting Sports Facts About Moses Malone’s Basketball Career

  • Malone was the MVP on one of the greatest teams in sports history. The 1983 76er won the NBA title, losing just one basketball game in the playoffs.
  • Malone is honored to be the last ABA student to play in the NBA. His 21 professional seasons surpassed Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record for the longest tour of duty in professional basketball.
  • Malone and his mother were barely making ends meet when he was growing up in a small hut. The windows were broken, the roof leaked, the doors wouldn’t close, the plumbing hardly ever worked, and there were spots on the wall where you could see outside. The first thing Moses did after signing with the Utah Stars was to immediately buy his mother a house in the suburbs. The house in which they had formally lived was condemned and demolished by the city.