A mobile phone is an electronic communication device. It is often called a cell phone. The transmission of radio waves or satellite is the means through which the mobile phone connects to a wireless network. In addition to being a phone, mobile phones provide various services such as short message service (SMS), multiple message service, games, Bluetooth, cameras, MP3 player, radio, and GPS. Newer phones also provide Internet services like web browsing, email, etc. Models with advanced computing capabilities are called smartphones which are treated as high-end mobile phones.

Motorola’s Dr. Martin Cooper first demonstrated the first handheld mobile phone in 1973. The first commercially available mobile phone was launched by Motorola in 1983. Statistics reveal that around 12.4 million people worldwide were mobile phone subscribers in 1990. In less than 20 years the number has increased to approx. 4.6 billion, that is, 370 times more than in 1990.

In 1990, Nokia overtook then-leader Motorola. It emerged as a pioneer in the industry. But in 2003-2004 it was a hit when small Asian mobile device vendors began to make their appearance with their best products at lower prices that were becoming more and more affordable.

According to one analyst, one reason for its decline is that it had become so complacent with its success that it lost its agility to review and respond to market signals. The case study looks at the problems Nokia faced in 2003/04. It also looks at the various efforts Nokia made to recover to regain its market once it realized that the market was leaving its home.

The emergence of phones that can capture 720p HD video has helped HDMI gain penetration over the last year. This phone faces significant challenges in the market. It faces increased competition from new interfaces such as the high definition mobile link. The HDMI device market will continue to grow through 2021 with increased traction in mobile PCs, graphics cards, and PC monitors. But it will start to decline after competition from Display Port and HDMI

By combining Renesas Electronics’ mobile platforms and the assets of Nokia’s acquired modern wireless business, Renesas Electronics and Renesas Mobiles plan to strengthen their product.