Originally from what is now Newfoundland in Canada, the black Labrador is currently the most popular breed in the United States. These animals are friendly, attentive, and love to make us happy. They are used as drug dogs, as part of search and rescue teams, as guide dogs, and even to detect counterfeit DVD shipments. These dogs have come a long way from where they started.

The first black labradors were used to work with fishermen. They pulled nets full of fish and helped retrieve fish that had escaped from a net or line. These dogs later worked as retrievers, but their calm and gentle disposition makes them good at more than just hunting. They are the ideal family or sport dog, and they work well in active families. They do have a double coat, however, and will require regular grooming to keep their waterproof coat looking good.

A uniform temperament and easy trainability make the black Labrador a popular pet for millions of people in the US These dogs weigh between fifty and seventy-five pounds, with males weighing up to ninety pounds. They have a strong build and a dense coat that makes them resistant to bad weather. Labs worked in the water even during the winter season, after all. The black lab has what is known as an “otter” tail, which improves its ability to swim, as well as hairy webbed toes.

Chocolate and yellow labs are also popular pets, having been around for a little less time than the black lab. The first labs were black or black with some brown markings. Chocolate labs appeared from time to time in the late 1800s and yellow labs a little later. But it took longer for these colors to be recognized by breed standards. The black labrador retriever is the basic labrador retriever.

Look for dogs that have a friendly, outgoing temperament and are eager to please. They should not be aggressive towards people or other animals. A good black Lab puppy will have parents with no known genetic defects and will undergo a veterinary check-up immediately after adoption. Choosing the right dog now can make a big difference in how easy it is to have your pet later.

If you are adopting a dog from a breeder, be sure to talk to the breeder and ask lots of questions. You are looking for a dog that comes from a good breed and is well cared for. Some breeders are only looking for the money that comes from cute purebred puppies, and they don’t do the work to make sure the animals they are raising are actually of the right quality. This can be bad for the breed in the long run and could give you a pet that will have many health problems later on. It is worth choosing carefully.

Get the right black Labrador retriever and you have a companion for life. These dogs need a lot of attention and exercise and should not be neglected. But as a hunting companion or part of an active family, a black lab can make an amazing pet.