New to the Mass Effect series that begins with Mass Effect 3 is multiplayer. Mass Effect 3 multiplayer consists of Horde Wing Gears of War mode. If you’ve never heard or read about Horde Mode, it’s a simple Wave Mode in which you and your team must cooperatively destroy waves of attacking enemies. Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer is a combination of wave mode, snatch and grab, hacking terminals, and holding the extraction point, all within a ten-wave match. It’s not that bad actually. But it’s also not going to be the reason you buy Mass Effect 3. You bought Mass Effect 3 for its only campaign (it shouldn’t have to remind you of everything). Multiplayer is simply a sideshow to the main attraction. It’s fun, challenging, and diverse enough to definitely deserve some of your time when you decide to take a break from campaign history.

Classes: When you first log into multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, you are immediately enlisted as a member of the N7 Special Ops team. Regarding classes, like the single player campaign, you have 6 classes to choose from, including: Adept, Soldier, Engineer, Sentinal, Infiltrator, and Vanguard. For my class I chose Vanguard because I already beat Mass Effect 2 on its most challenging difficulty as Vanguard. I like the close and personal approach even if they kill me sometimes. Not only that, but I anticipated that everyone else would be Adept, Soldier, or Engineer, which ended up being the case. In every game I played, no one chose Vanguard, which made my decision more important, as team classes must have variety, as this is strictly cooperative multiplayer.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer characters are spread across classes. Each class has a human (male) and (female) who have exactly the same default biotics and weapons for each class. There are also two assigned aliens per class that come equipped with different biotics and weapons by default. Unlocking Aliens requires XP or can be purchased with in-game credits through special Packs in the Shop (if you’re lucky). The alien characters as I said differ by class and include: Krogan, Quarian, Drell, Tourian, Salarian, and Asari. For my character, I stuck with my custom Human Male (Vanguard). He had already unlocked some of the Alien characters. The average player shouldn’t take that long to do it.

Customizing your character for matches comes after choosing your class and character. You can change its primary color, highlight color, secondary color, pattern, pattern color, and highlights. Some of the above options are locked when you start playing and unlock as you level up. The customization is deep enough that you can make sure your character doesn’t look exactly like everyone else’s. My Vanguard turned into a greenish type of golden color. Actually, it looked pretty good. I was basically mixing and matching the colors of my suit.

Character – This menu is divided into Powers, Weapons, Appearance, Equipment, and Shop. You already know what the Appearance section is about. The weapons section allows you to add mods and configure your preferred weapons in the slots. The weapons you have depend on the class and if you unlocked them or not. The Equipment section of the Character section keeps a record of all your perks and equipment. They are called Supplies and my Vanguard had them after two matches: Cobra Missile Launcher, Heat Clip Pack, Ops Survival Pack, and Medi-Gel. There are also bonus slots for the following: ammo bonus, weapon bonus, and armor bonus. Consider the latest perks that you can activate once in a game.

Maps: Ontaram: Firebase Dagger, Benning: Firebase Chost Tuchanko, Firebase Grant, Cyone: Firebase Reactor, Sanctum: Firebase Glacier, Novevia: Firebase White. And as with any multiplayer, some maps are good and some are not. I’m sure the DLC was created prior to the release of Mass Effect 3, so it’s very likely that we’ll get new DLC maps in the coming months. The maps have a basic configuration and do not differ much in design, but more in configuration.

Make sure to visit the store first so you can get your starter pack (free). They also sell Recruit Pack (5,000 credits), Veteran Pack (20,000 credits), and Specter Pack (60,000 credits). You can make at least 10,000 credits in each match (I did). The packs are completely random regarding the items, perks, and weapon mods you receive. The more expensive the package, the better loot you’ll get, no matter what. The free pack gave me the thermal clip pack (pistol), medi gel, ops survival pack, replacement sniper rifle thermal clip, and an Asari Vanguard (unlocked). Keep in mind that all the packages are random and you never know what you will receive, but 9 times out of 10 it is something that you and your team will benefit from while playing. Items and benefits you receive can be assigned to your D-pad (Dual Shock 3).

To sum up my matches, they have been fun, challenging and diverse. Diversity in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer comes in the form of different objectives WHILE facing waves of enemies. At this point, I’ll say that the targets are random, to the best of my knowledge, for the most part. The objectives that the team of 4 men and women must complete range from hacking terminals (4) and are scattered around the base. Holding extraction points (usually wave 10). Your team must defend against the Geth, Reaper or Cerburus attack until extraction arrives. However, the regular waves are the bread and butter and where you boost your XP. Make sure to stay with your team throughout the match and revive them as needed. Stay close to the ammo boxes that are scattered around each base. Know where they are at the start of each match.

Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode is supposed to affect the end of the single-player story campaign. I hope it has a little impact anyway, but I have no real idea as I am still playing the campaign. The presentation is good for the multiplayer of this game. However, there are some connection and stuttering issues, but there are no disconnects or hangs to report. Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode is a third-person over-the-shoulder shooter. Using your bio weapons and weapons while shooting is fun. It still amazes me that bioware added multiplayer to an RPG like Mass Effect 3. That said, multiplayer is decent. It’s not the reason you buy Mass Effect 3. It’s a sideshow of the main attraction and that’s it. The main attraction is the single player story campaign. Thank you for reading.