Are you ready to whistle while you work? Let’s go over some mining basics in the world of Minecraft.

There are five types of picks you should be familiar with: wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond. As you go through the different types, each pick can typically extract all the materials from the old shafts along with new varieties.

At first, the wooden picks can only extract coal, stone, red stone, iron, granite, quartz and cobblestones. A stone pickaxe can also extract gold and iron. The iron pick adds the ability to mine diamonds and emeralds. The gold pick is stronger than iron, but not as strong as the diamond pick that can extract obsidian.

How do you get these valuable tools? If you are lucky, you may find an iron pickaxe that has appeared inside a chest located in an abandoned mine, village blacksmith, or fortress. You can also trade with blacksmith villagers; They seek emeralds in exchange for iron spikes and enchanted diamonds. However, most players have to get down to business to obtain each type of pickaxe.

Starting in survival mode with a starter chest gives you a wooden pickaxe, which can be used to obtain wood to build a house (although you probably prefer an ax for that) or to start mining right away. Try to dig until you hit the stone, then mine as much as possible. Then drill trees for wood. You can then use your crafting table to turn the wood into sticks, which will appear in your inventory. Lay the sticks and pavers on the workbench to create the stone pickaxe. You are now ready to mine iron so you can craft your next pickaxe.

To refine any metallic ore, you will need a furnace. You can find one in-game (hint: look near the smithies in the villages), or you can create one out of cobblestones. Once you have a furnace at your disposal, refine your iron using coal in the fuel slot and your iron ore on top. This process will provide you with iron ingots that can be crafted in the same way as the stone pickaxe. The gold ore will also need to be refined to become its peak gold. Continue the progression until you are ready to mine diamonds and create the final peak, although it is not a metal ore, it does not need to be refined prior to crafting.

Keep in mind that mobs love caves, so you’d better bring swords, armor, and food in case you need to make a stop!