Goal setting often gets a bad rap, as people have tried and been unsuccessful in setting goals. Do not despair. Try, try, try and try again. Each time, you will develop stronger discipline, focus, and skills for goal success. Here are some roadblocks people run into their goals and some solutions they can try. Keep loading!

I don’t want to set goals, but I like the results. That I have to do?

Often this is due to fear. The reality is to set a goal; you must decide what you want. Many people prefer to leave all options open, choose nothing and opt for “life” to choose their destiny. Whether you resist setting goals out of fear of failure, success, pressure, or any other reason, the fact is that you can’t get where you haven’t set out to go. Goal-setting people have something to accomplish and often do. You cannot achieve what you have not proposed. Do yourself a favor, assess where you want to end up, determine a viable course to get there, choose an approach, and work towards it. You can always adjust or change if after several months the doors are closed, but at least then you can ignore this option!

I have many ideas and goals, but I am overwhelmed where to start.

Often, goal setters can set too many goals. Three SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timed – are the most a human brain can focus on. I’d rather have ONE focus statement that combines multiple goals. For example,


1) Earn 5K a month by being disciplined and focused on money making activities.

2) Refine my skills (education) and processes to make my clients more accountable for exceeding goals.

3) Personal growth, more study time, expand the family, eat better / exercise, have an organized home.

Focus statement:

I am full of energy to be a focused and disciplined IBO, earning 5K / month. training and empowering ‘Movers and Shakers’ to exceed their goals, while living in integrity, nurturing and promoting my faith, my family, my health and my home.

I have goals, but I don’t seem to reach them. Why?

Lack of a plan. In Brian Tracy’s book “Goals”, he tells the story of 2 desserts and how people died crossing to go from one town to another because they lost perspective in the middle of the dessert as they could not see the beginning or the end and passed away. To solve the problem, the city placed mile markers between cities for travelers to focus on smaller landmarks. The objectives are also like that. If you don’t break your big goals down into milestones it can be overwhelming figuring out how to achieve them and it’s always too big a project to undertake and it’s just never finished. Set your focus goal, measurable goals, and milestones to allow a clear plan for goal success. I recommend that you take a yearly focus goal and have monthly milestones. Read the goal and milestones for the month daily. (i.e if you want to increase your income, add 2 new customers this month and have a plan to attract them).

I have a focus target, but I’m too busy to do anything about it. How do I get more time?

The power of passion. WHY did you set that goal? Was it a “should”? We often set goals for ourselves, like lose 25 pounds, eat better, earn more money because we need or know we MUST do this, but we are not really motivated to make it happen. What we are passionate about will get your time and attention. Connect with the WHY of your goal. Ask yourself “WHY does it matter?” 10 times to get to the heart of the matter.

I have a goal, but it is not happening yet. What must happen?

Post in 3 places. Read it daily. Think of the Laws of Attraction (www.thesecret.tv). Write what you have to do each week to make that goal a reality. Don’t override yourself with negative or self-defeating self-talk. Be positive. Look for opportunities. Evaluate and make sure it is measurable and you know what small steps you can take to get closer to it. An elephant should not be eaten in one bite!