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Ray-Ban Remix – Design your own sunglasses

Think of glasses and you can’t help but think of Ray-Ban. This legendary brand, although founded in 1937, became popular in the 1950s with icons like Kim Novak and Marilyn Monroe wearing Wayfarers in public and on film. Known for its immensely popular ‘Never Hide’ campaign launched in 2007, it has been experimenting with its lenses and providing options such as B-15 XLT, G-15 XLT, Polarized Lenses, Photochromic Lenses, Gradient Lenses, Ambermatic Lenses, Flash Lenses, Lenses of mirror This year, the brand introduced frames made from Memo-Ray (a material that is strong, flexible and lightweight), Carbon Fiber (strong and lightweight), Light Ray (lightweight, strong and hypoallergenic), Liteforce (durable plastic, strong and lightweight) and titanium (lighter than steel or regular metal frames). But of all their offerings, it’s the remix that really steals the show and ups the ante.

Known for being a trendsetter, since its inception, it has stayed on top of the game by innovating unique styles over the years, some of which have become brands of their own. Now, they have introduced the remix: for perhaps the first time in the history of sunglasses, it is now possible to have specially designed or personalized sunglasses.

For eyewear lovers who dream of having a pair designed just for them, it can feel like their prayers have been answered. Nine original Ray-Ban models are available in the remix version. These models include iconic styles from the brand such as the Aviator, the classic Wayfarer and the Erika. A completely online process, customers can choose frame size, style and color along with lenses to create their own unique remix.

It can be a challenge to make a clear choice with 13 different color options for frames and lenses in various shades of gradient and mirror. Lenses can be standard or polarized. Ray-Ban also offers the option to choose the color of the carrying case to protect the sunglasses when not in use. And if that’s not enough, up to four personalized phrases can also be engraved on the temple tips and case.

This is enough to inspire any eyewear lover with a bit of enthusiasm to create their own forever sunglasses. Could there be a better way to stand out from the crowd and turn heads? Lovers of royal blue glasses and, even more so, Ray-Ban lovers will find it hard to resist the Ray-Ban remix. There is something special about having a unique pair of sunglasses that no one else has!

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