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Real Estate Agents: Why Clients Should Become Your Clients

Since, in many areas of the country, homeowners have a large number of available, licensed real estate agents to choose from, why should anyone choose you? How is it different from the competition and how will that benefit someone, enough, to hire you as their representative? Could you just say what you think someone wants to hear, or follow my service – markup, catchphrase, I will always tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. (YE)? Why should a seller list your home with you, and why should qualified potential buyers be better served as your customer? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review, and discuss why you are best served, when choosing, the right / best agent for you.

1. Will you listen effectively ?: Quality representation should begin, with effective listening and learning / discovery, what a person’s unique personal needs, goals, priorities, and circumstances / concerns might be! How can someone represent someone, if client and agent don’t start on the same page? Why should anyone trust you, unless / until you clearly show and demonstrate that you are worthy of it and earn their respect? Since each person is different, whether importantly or secondarily, doesn’t it make sense to hire someone who takes the time and makes the effort to adequately address your specific goals and needs?

2. How will you present your ad presentation ?: Many agents present themselves, during their listing presentations, in a way that spends too much time talking and not enough time listening. An effective way to proceed is to listen effectively, fully, and attentively, and learn about concerns, perceptions, needs, understanding, etc. potential customer, and focus on addressing them. When reviewing and going over competitive properties, to explain pricing recommendations, it is even more important to discuss marketing strategies, staging ideas and why / how, your plan would maximize the chances!

3. How will you follow up, with potential customers and with your client ?: Timely action is often the key to gaining a competitive advantage that benefits your customer. How often will you communicate and update the owner throughout the process? How quickly will you respond to your concerns, etc.?

Excellent service, done in a personalized and needs-oriented way, instead of a cookie cutter, one size fits all, it is essential, logical and what your customers deserve and should expect from you. Will you be ordinary or extraordinary?

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