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The Biography Of The Son Of World War II The Father Serves As A Microcosm Of The Greater Generation

The debt we owe as a nation to the greatest generation cannot be understated, and Judson Stone knows this firsthand. As the son of a World War II veteran who continued to serve his country for decades after the war, Judson had an up close and personal view of the greatest generation. Readers may not know the name of Colonel Frederic A. Stone, but he certainly led a remarkable life, and in this new biography of his father, Judson Stone highlights the qualities that made his father a typical American in many ways and in many ways. others an extraordinary man

Like most biographies, A Last Chapter of the Greatest Generation begins with some family history, which I found fascinating. The Stone family can trace their lineage back to the Mayflower, and theirs is a story that has seen many significant moments in American history and rubbed shoulders with many of America’s greatest men, including Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. And yet, these were also typical middle-class Americans who worked hard for a living and were good citizens. Perhaps most notable is the family’s abiding faith in God, which ultimately led to Judson Stone becoming a minister.

As for Colonel Frederic Stone, his story is one of growing up in New York in the 1920s and 1930s, falling in love, trying to decide what to do with his life, and ultimately becoming an aviator in World War II. Some of the most interesting moments in the book describe how Stone was part of the campaign to fly over the hump in Asia.

After the war, Colonel Stone returned home and decided to practice medicine while remaining in the Air Force and stationed in various locations around the country. One of his greatest accomplishments was serving as part of the medical recovery team for three lunar missions: Apollo 7, 9 and 10, the last one being a dress rehearsal to land a man on the moon.

While Judson Stone details the significant events in his father’s life, he also places them in a larger context of how national and international events affected his family, from the Surgeon General’s warning against smoking in 1964 that caused his parents to quit smoking, to how Kennedy’s assassination shocked the nation and changing views on race in America.

After his retirement, Colonel Stone continued to be a remarkable man and his wife joined him in his efforts. They became missionaries in Africa, their medical skills serving them well in their goal of helping others while also spreading the gospel. One of the most surprising and moving moments in the book occurs when, in gratitude for Colonel Stone’s medical service, the local chief proceeded to roll on the ground in front of him, out of respect for a guest of honor, an honor that the boss had only been granted once before in his life.

Adding to Colonel Stone’s professional life are Judson Stone’s personal memories of his father, including their various vacations together, his father’s advice, and ultimately the care Judson provided his parents at the end of their lives.

A Last Chapter of the Greatest Generation is, in many ways, the story of an American family that is a lot like you and me. At the same time, it is the story of an extraordinary man who was there to serve his nation, his God, and his kind when needed. It is a book that reminds us that we are all capable of greatness in our daily lives, and it is especially a testament to the love of a father and son for one another and an inspiration to all of us.

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