Yes, I definitely feel more comfortable now than ever. I understand why and what motivates me. Who could ask for more. I am blessed and chosen. I love who I am. I wouldn’t trade myself for anything. I see the world through pink glasses and I like it. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with who you are. Remember that you are trapped in this body for a while. Also do not be afraid or unhappy with who you are. You should be happy and grateful for being a gifted person.

Many are called, but few are chosen. I understand this is an audition for the big show. Your personality must be in line with that of the Universal Father. Yes, we have the best agents that give us privileged status in audition, however we still need to know our lines better than anyone else. We are expected to show up and show ourselves. It doesn’t matter what life throws at us. We must be better, perform better, act better, lose better, love better. Because WE ARE better. If you don’t believe in this and appreciate what’s been given to you, well, I’m not sure what’s next for you.

You have to start reading Urantia, it helps make this all make sense. You can bet it’s a difficult read. It was not written for the average person. It was written for us. I get it and I don’t care if someone else does. I help those who have told me to help, that’s all and that’s all. I live my life the best that I can. We are all destitute of the glory of GOD. However, we all have a little bit of GOD in us and we must nurture and grow that little bit. Our opening night is when we leave here and we will never have a curtain call, because our show never ends.

Understanding is crucial to a happy, spirit-filled life. Inspiration to overcome all adverse situations and, in the heat of battle, continue to spread joy and love. To imitate the mind of Jesus. That is why they have chosen you. He has the ability to accomplish this task with class and style. Life is just the training ground for the job that comes our way. Chosen specifically for the gifts and talents we possess. The Father knows each of his chosen ones. We will continue our work with him in Paradise.