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Tips for choosing a standing desk

Obesity and heart disease are two of the leading causes of death among Americans today. Both diseases can be related to poor diet and lack of exercise. In today’s environment, we spend most of our time sitting at home or in the office, and we don’t spend enough time being active and on the go. Sitting for too long has become a big problem. In fact, many medical professionals are now talking about the ‘sitting sickness’. Sitting for too long can not only cause us to die prematurely, but our quality of life can also be affected. When we sit in the same place for a long time, our muscles start to atrophy. This can lead to serious injury if we are not careful.

One option to reduce this sitting problem is the standing desk. A standing desk allows you to stand on your desk, with your computer and keyboard raised to the standing position. Using a standing desk is much healthier than sitting down and will also burn up to three times more calories.

Standing desks have become extremely popular lately and now come in many different shapes and sizes. Some even come with optional accessories like a treadmill or stationary bike (I’m not sure sweating at work is a good idea though).

If you are looking for standing desks, one of the best options is to get one that allows the user to sit or stand. We know the dangers of sitting too much; however, there is also a danger if you remain on your feet all day. Standing for hours not only causes extreme fatigue, but problems with blood flow can also occur. The ideal solution is the ability to stand up when you have energy and then sit up when you get tired. For me, I like to stand at work in the morning for 2-3 hours and then sit for the afternoon.

Some of these “sit or stand” desks can be quite expensive, so it’s a good idea to go through all of your options and find something that is right for you. Standing desks can be adjusted manually (the entire table is on one hinge) or electronically, where with the push of a button the entire desk can be raised or lowered to your exact height and needs.

It’s important to find a desk that is not only reasonably priced (desks can be very expensive) but is also durable and can support all the weight you plan to add to it.

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