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Why are helicopter games so addictive?

Have you ever wondered that? Well, maybe it’s just my bad habit of asking myself “nonsense” questions like this here, from time to time, but I’ve always wondered what that “mechanism” is behind every one of the great helicopter games I’ve played on line. that kept me glued to my desk chair for hours, making it impossible for me to snap out of it before I managed to complete all of the game’s missions. Sure, it definitely must be that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly a helicopter, but I’m pretty sure there’s more to it than this obvious aspect.

Is it also that game developers are competing with each other (luckily for us, the players, the beneficiaries of their “fights”) to generate that feeling of being in a war zone (in 90% of helicopter games online the action takes place during the war)? Could you refuse to accept the challenge of piloting an amazing Chopper or an Apache GT8, equipped with different types of weapons, and prove that you are worthy of being proclaimed the great hero of your nation? Also, in addition to your excellent piloting skills, you’ll have to “arm yourself” with great shooting and strategy skills, too! Your adventure, up there in the sky, as you become one with your helicopter, will be spiced with all kinds of challenges, such as dodging missiles launched from the ground, shooting at your enemies strategically positioned on the ground, not to mention the biggest challenge to take great levels of caution when you drop your bombs or fire your machine gun that our helicopter is equipped with, so that you don’t accidentally hit buildings where civilians live. If you think that playing helicopter games is simply about piloting, the ability to control your plane, then you couldn’t be more wrong: the vast majority of these games challenge you with some highly challenging missions to complete, while much on top, in the sky!

Another reason why we instantly become addicted to these types of online games is the chance we get to step into the shoes of some brave and daring rescuers! Rescue mission is another popular theme among helicopter games! Your task is to carefully collect the victims of different disasters (victims of wars, shipwrecks or natural calamities) and bring them to a safer place while, in some games, you are attacked, in the air or from the ground, by various enemies. . Aware of the fact that you are the only hope of these defenseless people, of the importance of your mission, you simply will not be able to walk away from your PC until you have successfully carried out your rescue mission.

Now, when it comes to the addiction of helicopter games, how could we have forgotten those where you are not playing the role of a fighter pilot and fearless savior, those games where your mission it’s just…keep your helicopter in top condition while you fly it through a…tunnel. As seemingly simple and yet addictive as that! Keeping your vehicle away from the tunnel walls, finding the perfectly safe height, and keeping your helicopter at this height, while doing your best to move forward and pilot it out of the tunnel, will prove to be… a surprisingly addictive mission to complete!

These are some of the reasons for my addiction to online helicopter games that I was able to unearth. What are your “excuses” to play them for hours and hours?

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