Boat Rentals Come With Life Jackets

A day out at sea is the perfect way to enjoy a beach holiday in Mallorca. The island has many beaches, coves and magical corners that can only be reached by boat. It’s possible to rent a sailboat or catamaran for a romantic trip with your partner, a motor yacht for an unforgettable party with friends, or even a smaller motorboat with which you can explore the coast. You can hire a skipper for your cruise, or if you have the appropriate license, you can drive the boat yourself.

Yes, unless otherwise specified, all Marsh Creek boat rental in Mallorca patrons will be provided with US Coast Guard approved life vests for use on the boat. Guests may bring their own life jackets, however, they must bear the US Coast Guard approval stamp. In addition to life jackets, all vessels must be equipped with a functional sound-producing device like a whistle or horn.

If you are a beginner in boating, we recommend that you select a small motorboat that can comfortably accommodate 4 people. Then you can learn the basics of boating in a safe and secure environment. This will allow you to feel comfortable on your next sailing adventure, and also give you a sense of confidence and independence in the water. If you have a family vacation coming up, renting a bigger, faster boat can be an ideal option for your day at sea. With the speed of these vessels, you can visit all the destinations on your wish list in no time.

Do Boat Rentals Come With Life Jackets?

Depending on the age and swimming abilities of your children, you may wish to consider having them wear their life jackets at all times, especially when the boat is in motion. This is a matter of common sense, but it’s also important to keep in mind that if they are unable to swim or cannot stay afloat, a life jacket could save their lives.

While most boat rental locations do have life vests for all passengers, they may not always be available in infant, toddler or adult sizes. It’s important to call ahead or check online to make sure the location has life jackets in your size.

All boat rentals should be equipped with fire extinguishers in addition to standard safety equipment. It’s a good idea to frequently inspect and test the fire extinguishers, so they are in working order.

When you rent charter a boat, you’ll usually be required to pay a deposit upfront. If you damage the boat or are negligent when operating it, you’ll be responsible for the cost of repairs or replacements. Some boat rental companies also have insurance coverage that can cover this cost in the event of an accident. Checking the terms and conditions of the boat rental company will help you determine how much your insurance covers. Also, be courteous when picking up your rental. Doing so prevents other customers from having to wait for the next available vessel. You might even be able to get a discount on your next rental by returning the boat early.