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“Get Rich Your Way” by Brian Tracy is a solid text on how to be successful in your financial affairs. With the advice Tracy provides in this book, the reader can create a roadmap to financial success. With a little hard work and sweat, the reader can achieve success from that roadmap.

Over the years, I have enjoyed many of Tracy’s books and audio programs. I also liked watching him speak on DVD once or twice. I found this book especially enlightening on what it takes to make a fortune, or as the title says, get rich.

Don’t confuse this book with a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, Tracy says it may take patience and certainly an effort. But if you have the right attitude and are willing to do whatever it takes, Tracy’s advice and guidance in this book will help you on your way to riches beyond what you currently have.

The book begins with a highly motivating introduction where Tracy covers topics such as the difference between success and failure, starting with nothing, how you can do it, the differences between rich and poor, and the encouragement that you can learn what you need to learn.

The book has ten chapters that cover the following topics:

1. Learn How To Get Rich: Why People Don’t Get Rich, Five Ways To Stay Poor, Five Ways To Get Rich, Defining Wealth, Finding A Need And Fulfilling It, Big Fortunes And Small Ideas, One Idea Is All you need, maximize your assets and become a person without limits.

2. Become a money magnet: change your way of thinking, change your life, all causality is mental, hope for the best, become a living magnet, since inside, outside, the laws are neutral, what you put determines what what you get, negative thinking drives money away, think like rich people think, settle in for the long haul, learn what you need to learn, the big truth, you will see when you believe it, resolve to pay the price, not for everyone, get serious, become take care of yourself, you must want it enough, your reasons, make your specific goals, think long term, give yourself a raise, the magic of visualization, control your internal dialogue, practice affirmations, you can do it, feed your mind with mental proteins Surround the right people, sleep on it, imagine your ideal life, the golden hour, the million dollar habits, the helm of the day.

3. Invest for Success: Financial Planning School, Invest the Way the Rich Invest, Your Own Business, Income-Generating Real Estate, Land for Development, Liquid Investments, Stocks and Bonds, Investment Alternatives Available to you, where to put your money conservatively, invest in the stock market, invest in mutual funds, different ways to invest and protect your money carefully.

4. Start with nothing: the gold chain, the statistics are dire, four steps to financial success, five ways to get rich, the starting point of wealth, pay yourself first, work hard and save your money, attract the money you want, starting with nothing, pleasure and pain, the wedge strategy for financial success, do not lose money, the strategies of the rich, change your personality, the truth about entrepreneurship, the reasons for business failure, the business success is predictable, get going work experience, learn while you earn, five keys to business success, use your job as a stepping stone, do your research, practice the 10/90 rule, study successful companies, five rules for entrepreneurship, business opportunities Network Marketing, Money in Your Mailbox, Get Connected, Start Small, Trade Time for Experience, Seven Steps to Business Success, Be Action Oriented, Take Risk, and Seven Steps to Independence financial trend.

5. Build Your Own Business: The Failure Rate Is High, Seven Principles For Business Success, The Factor Of Three, The Questions You Must Ask And Answer To Be Successful In Business, The Big Marketing Questions, Get In The Game , testing your idea before you invest, conducting quick and cheap market research, conducting market testing of your product or service, how to build a profitable business and business opportunities are everywhere.

6. Market and Sell Anything: Defined Marketing and Sales, The Marketing Mix, Five Rules for Selling Anything, Anywhere, Five Questions You Need to Answer, Sell Your Product or Service, Multiple Ways to Sell, Start Small , grow slowly, master the art. to sell, control revenue, analyze the opportunity gap, get free advertising, opportunities everywhere, and just do it.

7. Get the money you need: ignorance slows you down, lack of money, money is available everywhere, credit determinants, choosing the ideal business for you, and you can start today.

8. Think and get rich: you are a potential genius, why creativity is so important, use more of your intelligence, multiply your results, as inside is outside, stimulate your thinking, the qualities of genius, the most creative thinking , ways to get rich your way, clarity is essential, and evaluation of your ideas.

9. Learn from the best: Copy the best in your business, the qualities of the greats, think like a champion, follow the leaders, the qualities of leadership, find your own acres of diamonds, become an apprentice, rent or buy Get the knowledge you need, ask for advice, study successful companies, and learn by trial and error.

10. Lead the field: Three paths, the common denominators, the secrets of health, wealth and happiness, put your career on the fast track and become a person without limits.

As you can see, this book covers a large number of areas. And no area may apply to your situation, but I’m sure you’ll find tips and advice from Tracy that, if applied, will improve your financial future. Also, the ideas presented in this book can help you think about things you’ve never thought about before, or perhaps ways you haven’t thought about yet. Above all, the motivation and practical advice found in this book should help you work toward your financial goals so that you can live a better life and enjoy yourself more than before.

Also, this book is not all that refers to the above topics. But it does give a good overview and will pinpoint the areas that will help you the most, and then you can find resources that dig into the topics you need to learn the most. This is an excellent introduction to wealth and contains many proven strategies for success. The only thing is that you have to act on the basis of the information provided and if you do, you cannot help but be more successful.

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