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Make him do the chase: Here’s how to change the chase

Are you sick of always being the one chasing after the guy you like? Do you envy those girls who seem capable of getting any guy they want almost without even trying? Wouldn’t you like to switch things up and have him do the chasing for a change? If things have gotten out of hand and you can’t figure out what’s wrong, it may be time to make some changes. If you want him to chase like he’s supposed to, that’s how you can change the race.

Why don’t all men do the chasing

Although a guy will chase a girl if he absolutely has to, he doesn’t mind sitting back and letting her chase him. After all, it’s good for the ego to know that a woman wants him enough to go after him. And he puts him in the driver’s seat even after letting her catch him.

If it has happened to you, you have to ask yourself how it happened. Well, for starters, if you really like a guy, chances are you’ll let him know. It’s okay to show some interest, but there’s a fine line. If you had bumped into him too hard, he would have quickly realized that he didn’t have to do anything because he was already in the driver’s seat.

Don’t chase, that’s your job!

Instead, for him to chase you, you have to show that you’re interested but then back off. Instead of hanging around and waiting for him to decide to stay and talk or walk away, interrupt the conversation. If he is interested, he has to take the next step and approach you to talk more or to get your phone number.

Once he asks you out, don’t think you’re already home free. How you react and what you do both during and after the date are just as important. Show your curiosity about what he has to say, but be sure to turn the conversation around to yourself and your interests as well.

You want him to understand that you’re an attractive person in your own right and that you have a lot going on in your life, whether he’s a part of it or not. Get him intrigued by you and curious enough to find out more by asking you out again.

How to make sure it keeps chasing you

And then there is the date and time of publication. It’s okay to send her a quick text or make a quick phone call to thank her for the great time and tell her you’d like to do it again soon. But after that, the ball is in his court, so wait to hear him out before contacting him again, otherwise you’re letting him know you’re prepared to go after him.

It is important that you follow these little tips if you want him to be the one to chase you; otherwise, you will return to the starting point. If you want more tips on how to change the chase, I have them for you.

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